Our Story

MAA. came about when I planned to have a baby-led party for my sons 1st birthday, The idea was to cater solely to children between 6-24 months and have them experience fun age-appropriate, food, games and creative activities. As a food entrepreneur and recipe developer, I wanted to manage and make the BLW food myself with the help of my sister, Alexia to assist with making some of the options for the children and my 11-year-old cousin Malachi to help me bake his most amazing cookies for the day.

It was a success, little did we know that parents would ask us who made the food, once I told them it was Malachi, Alexia and myself (Alexis), it only made sense to provide this bespoke service”.

- Founder Alexis

Who is MAA?

MAA. is a family run business by two siblings, Alexis and Alexia and their little cousin Malachi. All who have massive personalities and a passion for cooking and baking.  

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