Our Story

MAA. came about when I planned to have a baby-led party for my sons 1st birthday, The idea was to cater solely to children between 6-24 months and have them experience fun age-appropriate, food, games and creative activities. As a food entrepreneur and recipe developer, I wanted to manage and make the BLW food myself with the help of my sister, Alexia to assist with making some of the options for the children and my 11-year-old cousin Malachi to help me bake his most amazing cookies for the day.

It was a success, little did we know that parents would ask us who made the food, once I told them it was Malachi, Alexia and myself (Alexis), it only made sense to provide this bespoke service”.

- Founder Alexis

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Who is MAA?

MAA. is a family run business by two siblings, Alexis and Alexia and their little cousin Malachi. All who have massive personalities and a passion for cooking and baking.  


Anthony 'Malachi' is an 11-year-old food enthusiast, just like his late mother and taking after his big cousins, he has a natural knack for cooking and baking. Malachi adores babies, always the first to offer a helping hand and could play with them all day. When asked to bake his amazing homemade cookies for my son's 1st birthday party, he was delighted and did an impeccable job. 


This is Alexia, my sister and like me, she loves food however, Alexia has a big heart for those in need.  A BA Hons graduate in childhood and adolescence studies, she works with at-risk children and uses food to build strong relationships and promote engagement. Alexia believes MAA. is a great way to heighten focus on the strong connection between food and baby development. At my son's party, Alexia helped me to make some of the BLW food served on the day and also supervised and taught the baking activity to the children.


And then there's me, Alexis, the founder of MAA. An award-winning food entrepreneur and recipe developer, MA in Food Business, a wife and a mother to a beautiful one-year-old boy. I believe my intentional parenting led me into throwing my son a baby-led 1st birthday party for him. In my culture (Nigerian) I grew up attending birthday parties for babies that were never catered to the actual celebrant or the celebrant's age mates, down to food, music and activities. Babies and toddlers were usually overlooked, so I wanted to set a precedent by hosting a baby-led party solely focusing on my son and his friends enjoying the day.